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Monday, 18 May 2015

The Weekly Update

Here's this week's (technically last week's!) weekly update. Sorry, it's a day late, the end of last week got pretty hectic and I've been in Cambridge over the weekend without internet.


MAC interview

On Thursday afternoon I had a phonecall from the MAC concession stand at Clapham Junction inviting me for an interview. It was completely out of the blue as I'd applied six months ago, but I didn't want to miss out so I arranged an interview for the next day. I needed to bring a portfolio - although I've been blogging for over six months now, most of my content has been product focused rather than showing makeup looks, meaning that I didn't have a traditional portfolio. I managed to put a little collection together showcasing three looks: natural makeup, a 70's inspired smoky eye and peach lip, and a gothic plum look featuring a dark ombre lip. Each look included images that inspired the look and a watercolour illustration of the look. I actually really enjoyed putting the portfolio together, despite the limited time, and realised that I'd like to show more makeup looks as well as product reviews. (I think I've been put off by how un-photogenic my face is so I tend to avoid taking pictures of myself!) The interview itself went well, obviously it can be hard to gauge how well you do with things like that. I don't know if I'll get the job because they have other applicants, many of whom I'm sure had longer to put together their portfolio... and generally in London there's a larger pool and a higher calibre of candidates to choose from.


Straight after that it was off to Cambridge for Tom's MA graduation. Cambridge University automatically upgrades bachelors degrees to masters degrees after three years, so even though Tom already has a MMath (masters degree in mathematics, what a clever boy) from Cambridge, he now has a free extra masters. We went more to catch up with friends than for the graduation anyway! It was a really lovely weekend and the weather was surprisingly good, warm and sunny. I'm immensely glad I remembered both my sunglasses and my Avène Very High Protection Cream! (My review of it is here if you fancy checking it out.) Cambridge is a beautiful city and I recommend visiting if you can! We stayed in the Newmarket Travelodge and paid £140 for 2 nights in a double room with an en-suite. It was about a 20 minutes walk or a five minute taxi ride (costing £7-8) from the city centre.


I've added the Google Adsense widget. I hope it's not intrusive. The fact of the matter is I'm broke and want to earn a bit of money from blogging.

Upcoming posts this week:

A little guide to Cambridge

I want to write a little post about my favourite places/things to do in Cambridge since I know it pretty well after four years of visiting Tom there.

Wedding makeup

My brother's getting married on wednesday! He and his fiancee are making it official and then having a reception in July. I'll show you what I wore, clothes and makeup-wise.

And of course the usual Friday Favourites!

Have a great week everyone!