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Sunday, 23 August 2015

The Weekly Update

part of the Walled Garden at Polesden Lacey

Sorry for my absence over the last couple of months. Life got busy, I was doing more travelling than usual, and I fell out of a routine of blogging. I'd been meaning to write something much sooner, but without my regular routine my weekly columns fell by the wayside, and it took me until last Thursday evening to actually sit down and write something. I drafted eight posts that night - clearly I needed my old creative outlet!

Me-wise, things are well - I'm volunteering, which is really wonderful.

I've spent a lot of time in Surrey looking after the animals while my parents are on holiday. Strawberry is his usual self, waking me up at half seven demanding cuddles by clawing me to death. The hens are wonderful and I could sit outside watching them pecking about for hours. Strawberry has made friends with next door's tabby kitten, who is absolutely adorable and besotted with Strawbs. So I hadn't seen much of Strawberry. We did fit in a couple of games of Explorers (basically hide and seek, with a cat, where the cat shows off by climbing up trees and wriggling into bushes so I can't catch him, before getting the cat gets bored and disappears off somewhere.) I won one round, he won one round - although neither of us is particularly clear on the rules.

I went to Polesden Lacey, which I hadn't been to in years and years. We had a wander round the gardens, and they're absolutely beautiful in summer. I'll probably sound like a walking, talking, blogging advert, but if you have a spare weekend, Surrey is less than an hour away from London and large parts are a natural paradise. Box Hill and Denbies Vinyard are a stone's throw from the train station.

I have some posts scheduled but currently don't have wifi. I'm using one of those little dongle (haha) things and I'm not sure it can deal with editing all the photos I've taken!

Thanks for reading!