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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Lipsticks for Brighter Days

Where did the summer go? What on earth is going on with the weather? Will we ever see blue skies again? Even I, sun-phobic and super-pale, am needing some rays. Between the grey skies and the state of British politics at the moment, I’m feeling despondent and lacklustre.  

What I (and I think most of us) need in these uncertain and damp times is a bright lipstick. The sort that radiates good vibes. As though there were rainbows and unicorns and kittens dancing out of your face. (It’s been scientifically proven that it is 97.6% harder to feel sad with a trio of rainbows, unicorns and kittens*.) 
*study sadly not authenticated. 

Here are five of my favourite spirit-lifting, happiness-giving, soul-restoring lipsticks.  

Monday, 4 July 2016

A Sun-Kissed Glow for Vampires

Tanned skin suggests health, wealth and relaxation, and we've been craving it since Coco Chanel popularised it in the 1920's. But how to achieve that when you're vampire-level pale without sacrificing skin health lying on a beach for two weeks or (god forbid) resorting to tanning beds?

(I'd planned to publish this months ago, which is why I'm wearing my winter coat - but considering the recent wet weather in London, it's even more relevant now!)

Friday, 12 February 2016

A pink and glowy Valentine's look

Before and after: my romantic pink Valentine's-inspired look

Despite being in a long-term relationship, Valentine's has never really been our thing. I look forward to the cut-price chocolates and champagne on the 15th much more. But I've seen a lot of really beautiful Valentine's-inspired looks recently and they inspired me to create this romantic pink look. I'll wear it while binge-watching Netflix in my pyjamas and sipping my cheap champagne.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My New Year's Resolutions

Onwards and upwards and all that...

Don't diet

I know it's all 'new year, new me' but I refuse to get pulled into the cesspool of misery that is the January diet craze. January is the worst time of year to begin a diet - it's cold, all the pretty Christmas lights are gone, everyone's broke and it's ages til payday, and all you want to do is sit in a nice warm bath, drink wine and eat cheese puffs while re-watching The Bridge. Or is that just me?

Eat a healthier breakfast

That said, I do need to eat a better breakfast. English breakfast muffins slathered in butter are delicious, but not exactly conducive to a healthy day foodwise. I'm trying to make the switch to porridge - I thought it'd be easier to be honest.  Being half Scottish, it seems I'm only "genetically predisposed" to fried food rather than healthy porridge. I've really got to stop using that as an excuse to eat chips. That's another resolution...

Go to the gym more

A pretty standard resolution. I really do need to go to the gym more. Or at all.

Get out more

I'm definitely a homebody. I like my bed. I like my home. But I live in London and I really don't see enough of it. Plus I need some sunlight. I'm so pale I'm starting to resemble a jellyfish. Almost translucent.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

On Colouring as Mindfulness

As a gift this Christmas I received 'The Mindfulness Colouring Book' and a set of colouring pens. I'm not new to mindfulness (I've used it during yoga practice and as a balm for anxiety) but I'd never tried it in colouring form. To be honest I doubted its benefits. On a whim I cracked open my new copy and had a go...