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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Lipsticks for Brighter Days

Where did the summer go? What on earth is going on with the weather? Will we ever see blue skies again? Even I, sun-phobic and super-pale, am needing some rays. Between the grey skies and the state of British politics at the moment, I’m feeling despondent and lacklustre.  

What I (and I think most of us) need in these uncertain and damp times is a bright lipstick. The sort that radiates good vibes. As though there were rainbows and unicorns and kittens dancing out of your face. (It’s been scientifically proven that it is 97.6% harder to feel sad with a trio of rainbows, unicorns and kittens*.) 
*study sadly not authenticated. 

Here are five of my favourite spirit-lifting, happiness-giving, soul-restoring lipsticks.  

Monday, 4 July 2016

A Sun-Kissed Glow for Vampires

Tanned skin suggests health, wealth and relaxation, and we've been craving it since Coco Chanel popularised it in the 1920's. But how to achieve that when you're vampire-level pale without sacrificing skin health lying on a beach for two weeks or (god forbid) resorting to tanning beds?

(I'd planned to publish this months ago, which is why I'm wearing my winter coat - but considering the recent wet weather in London, it's even more relevant now!)