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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The perfect fast, natural base: MAC Studio Sculpt Defining Powder

An all-in-one base that stays put, doesn't cake, and looks like real skin? Sign me up.

MAC Studio Sculpt surpasses all my expectations. Its beautiful creamy gel-like texture applies smoothly and its satin-matte finish keeps skin looking fresh all day.

Compact case = great for on the go

MAC says: "Barely-there gel formula provides sheer coverage in a weightless application. Extremely silky and cream-like, it encompasses the best properties of liquid and powder for a sculpted look without a heavy makeup feel." 

I completely agree - it's silky and creamy, and has the coverage of a liquid foundation with the added staying power of powder. It's really versatile - I use it as a setting powder on top of liquid foundation and as a foundation in its own right. There are 8 shades covering all skin tones, ranging from Light to Dark Deep - I wear Light, the palest shade.


With the Real Techniques Beauty Blender

A damp Beauty Blender is my favourite tool for wearing this as foundation. It picks up more of the product than a brush, and using it damp helps the product travel across the skin. I pop on a bit of concealer under my eyes and on any redness, and that's my base done. 
If I'm using it as a setting powder I apply a sheer layer using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

Super-easy application!

There are a few things I dislike about it: it doesn't come with a brush or sponge. There was definitely a period of trial-and-error before I found the best way to use it. And of course there's the fact that 'defining powder' is a bit of a mislead - this isn't a contour product (although if you were to buy a shade or two darker then it could be used as that.)

Before: makeup free


But the things I like about it massively outweigh the negatives. Most strikingly it suits both my dry cheeks and my slightly oily T-zone. It balances any oiliness while feeling completely comfortable on my cheeks. I've had no problems with it accentuating my pores like I have with a few liquid foundations recently. I can layer and layer and layer it and it still looks like skin, so it's perfect for anyone who, like me, prefers a light base. I can go without the primer and powder I'd usually need with a liquid foundation, so I can get my makeup done in two minutes (which means more time for sleeping.)

As you can see it gives decent coverage without dulling down my skin or blanking out my features. I'm lucky to have fairly clear skin but it helps to tone down the redness in my skin and give a more even finish.

With just the Defining Powder as base

Here's my current everyday look (product links are at the bottom of the page):

With a full face of makeup

So there you have it, a rather brilliant liquid-powder-gel base that, err, covers all bases.