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Monday, 30 November 2015

Seaside makeup: 2014 vs. 2015

It's been a year since my last 'seaside makeup' post, so I thought I'd have a bit of fun and compare the two. If you haven't seen it here's the 2015 edition of seaside makeup and here's the 2014 edition.

What's changed since last year?

Fewer products. I've stopped bringing eyeliner and a lash curler with me when I travel.
My photography. I like to think it's improved. I almost always edit my photos for my blog now, which I didn't do this time last year.
My skincare routine. I'm clued-up on hyaluronic acid. Its addition to my skincare routine (via Vichy Aqualia Thermale Serum) has been lifechanging. No more itchy skin like last year.

What's stayed the same?

Thermal Water Spray. It's a lifesaver for weather-battered sensitive skin.
The products I'm devoted to. I'm still using Maybelline mascara, Nars concealer, Burt's Bees lip balm and Vichy 3-in-1 Cleanser.
The easy-to-wear soft red lip. I've found that my choice this year, Benefit Benebalm, is easier to apply than last year's Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter.
My coat!
The boyfriend. Love him to bits.

Thanks for reading!