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Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Weekly Update

This week...

My oldest friend has just moved onto a narrowboat on the Thames. She's currently moored on the Regent's Canal in Islington so I went for a visit on Wednesday. The boat is gorgeous and feels very homey - it even has a wood-burning fire! 

Five Guys

Wednesday's dinner was at Five Guys in Islington. I'd been to Five Guys once before - like all fast food places there's very little choice for vegetarians, and I was really disappointed by the grilled cheese last time I ate there. This time I got the veggie sandwich 'all the way', which was actually amazing and a worthy replacement for a burger. Their cajun fries are lovely too.


I love voting. I feel so lucky to be able to take part in the political process and frankly I don't understand why turnout isn't 100%! 

Belle and Sebastian

On Thursday night I saw Belle and Sebastian perform at The Corn Exchange in Cambridge. They're my favourite band and they hardly ever play live, so it was such a treat to see them. I'll definitely try and get tickets next time they're touring. Tom and I didn't get home until 2am and then pulled an all-nighter watching the election results.

UK Election

A really disappointing result (I'm flashing my political colours here). I think most voters were shocked by the result because the exit polls had been so wrong. I'd never stayed up to watch an election before - I'm not sure I'll do it again because I ended up being very unproductive the next day.


I'm still waiting to hear back from several places. Occasionally I'll get Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb in my head ('Hello, is there anybody in there?') because it can take several weeks to get a reply. I've never experienced having to wait so long before - is it just part of applying for work in London? I'd really hoped the process would be faster and I'd be employed by now.

The Bridge

I'm re-watching The Bridge on Netflix. I love Scandinavian crime dramas and The Bridge one of the best. Watching it for the second time is considerably less traumatic because I know what's going to happen! The cast is brilliant, particularly the two leads, Sofia Helin and Kim Bodnia. Lars Simonsen is brilliantly creepy as Jens/Sebastian. The Bridge is also really useful for learning Swedish and/or Danish because both languages are used fairly interchangeably, and for learning to recognise the differences between the two languages.