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Friday, 8 May 2015

Friday Favourites

A few of my favourite things.

Moleskine cahiers

I completely love Moleskine products. Their minimalist smartness, their high-quality paper, and their useful little pocket at the back make them a classic choice for any stationery lover. The three-pack cahiers are my current Moleskine favourite. The slimmer, soft-back extra-large size notebooks are brilliant for studying; they're lighter and cheaper than their hardback counterparts but still feature the trademark soft grey lines, rounded edges and inner pocket of the other Moleskine styles and come in a range of colours (I love the pebble grey). I love that they have no margins (I've hated margins since my school days). They're more expensive than budget refill pads, but the paper holds up to the most fevered scribbling of notes, never tears, and never falls out.

£13.99 for a set of three

Emma Bridgewater half pint mugs

My squirrel mug is a treasured resident of my kitchen. It features red squirrels doing a conga line, and it never fails to make me smile. These mugs are available in a variety of animal illustrations. They're beautifully made and illustrated, and they have a sturdiness that I find is missing from a lot of mugs - it gives the mugs a feeling of stability, plus I can hold a just-made cup of tea in my bare hands without needing to rush to the nearest surface to set it down.

£19.95 each

Lush luxury bath melts

Lush's bath melts are gorgeously scented and wonderfully moisturising for skin. My favourite is Dreamtime, a blend of cocoa butter and almond oil, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, chamomile and jasmine oils. It's soothing for mind and body. It doesn't foam up like traditional bath bubbles, being much more like a solid bath oil, melting as it's warmed. Lush products make lovely gifts - I'm prone to picking up a little something when I'm at a large station. The Oxford Circus branch opened recently and I'm looking forward to visiting next time I'm in the area.

From £3.35 each