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Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Weekly Update

This week I've been working on personal projects and catching up on a bit of reading.


I've finished and uploaded an 'On the face of it' header. I'd wanted my own header for a long time. I did like the minimalist font I had before, but I think the new colourful one provides more of an aesthetic introduction to my blog. Adobe Illustrator was easy to use and the online tutorials were very useful. What I didn't count on was how difficult it would be to upload it onto Blogger. Whatever size I made the image jpeg, the final image stayed the same. I ended up having to access the image irl and change the size from there, before uploading it back onto Blogger as an irl. I think that took longer than the whole design process!

I've also designed a 'Friday Favourites' graphic. I'm considering creating a Friday Favourites page so that they're all in one place. Let me know in the comments if this would be useful.


I've done quite a lot of self-directed study in preparation for eventually finishing my degree. I've been doing it for a while but this was the first week that I actually started reading and making notes from a book. I've with 'The Presocratic Philosophers' by Kirk, Raven and Schofield. It's really well-researched and crammed full of information, so I find I need to concentrate fully or it goes over my head. From the first two chapters I've deduced that there is no consensus about which ancient Greek god or phenomenon came into being first!

I've also been working on an application to the British Museum's volunteer World Conservation and Exhibition Centre Storage Moves team, which looks after artifacts.

I've been creating a skills based CV - I have a lot of gaps due to illness/career changes and I want version that highlights my strengths.

My mum got four new chickens, bringing the total to eight. I think she may be starting a menagerie in her retirement. They don't all have names yet. One is called Buffy. I really hope it has vampire-slaying abilities, although my expectations are low.

 What else? Oh yes, I'm learning Swedish. I really want to visit Sweden. I follow a few Swedes on Instagram and with every post I want to there go more. I love any sort of Scandi-crime drama - Wallander, The Bridge, The Killing, Arne Dahl... I've seen them all. They may have given me an unrealistic view of their countries' murder rates... but they've proven a rich source of learning. I knew 'han är död!' (he's dead!), 'mord' (murder) and 'vad fan?!' (what the f---?!') before I knew how basics like 'Jag äter en apelsin' (I am eating an orange). I'm using Duolingo, a free language-learning app. It's really useful introduction to language learning. There'll be a post on my favourite resources for learning languages next month, so I'll do an in depth review of Duolingo then.

Hej då, as they say in Sweden!

Thanks for reading! x