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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Weekly Update

I'm writing this, my first weekly update, propped up in bed like a little old lady. I'm ridiculously tired and need to get some sleep, so I'll keep it short. 


I've labelled my blog posts so they're easier to browse by topic. You'll find the labels on the right hand side, above 'popular posts'.

I've been getting to grips with Adobe Illustrator and learning how to create graphics.

I've designed a lovely new blog logo (which to be honest I'm really proud of) which will hopefully be up next week.

The highlights of my week:

Last Sunday I went out for Chinese food with my family for my brother's birthday at The Fountain Garden in Dorking. Their veggie food was awesome. I had the most amazing black bean tofu ever, and some incredible garlic green beans. 

I discovered the MyMaps feature on Google maps, which lets you make your own travel maps. I subsequently spent several hours planning imaginary holidays and came away with serious wanderlust. 

It was 24'c on Wednesday - the hottest day of the year so far - and I was slathering on suncream. I found an amazing Avène suncream which I'll write about soon. 

I popped into the National Gallery and saw some of my favourite Impressionist paintings.

The National Gallery

Van Gogh's 'A Wheatfield with Cypresses'

I had some incredible blood orange sorbet at Gelupo in Soho. It was incredibly creamy and very refreshing.

Gelupo's blood orange sorbet

I finally got a new sports bra and new running shoes. The bra is a Shock Absorber from Bravissimo on Margaret Street and my new Karrimor trainers were from Sports Direct on Oxford Street. Bravissimo gives amazing service - their lovely consultants personally fit you into every bra so you know that you're getting the right style, size and shape for your body. In Sports Direct my feet were scanned (I never knew I had high arches) and the consultant helped me find the best shoe for my feet, the terrain, and my budget.

As a result I actually went jogging the next day! It was the first time in over a year so it felt like a big achievement. I felt quite self-conscious at first and I walked for well over half of my route; towards the end my body seemed to get the hang of it, and I came home feeling amazing.

On Thursday I went to a wonderful lecture at the British Museum on the body in ancient Greek art by Dr Caroline Vout. It accompanied the museum's current 'Defining the Body in Ancient Greece' exhibition, which I'm now even more excited to see.

I went jogging again on Saturday, and apart from a sore foot from still breaking in my trainers it was good. I did the same route and managed to jog more of it.

Saw this tree on my jog. I love its gnarled branches. 

On Saturday night I went to my parents' for dinner with them, my aunt and uncle, my sister, and her boyfriend. My mum made some amazing Yotam Ottolenghi recipes including the best cauliflower salad ever (I completely forgot to take photos - I think I was too busy eating!)

On Sunday I (completely accidentally) spent most of the day at the pub. Tom and I went down to Greenwich to have a pub lunch with friends - we ended up at the Meantime brewery for several hours, eating chips, drinking beer and catching up.  

Meantime beer

I hope you had a lovely week!

Thanks for reading x