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Friday, 17 April 2015

Friday Favourites

Neal's Yard Remedies Vetiver oil

I've been having trouble sleeping. Actually, not sleeping (I can do than a little too well) but feeling calm and settled enough to get to sleep. I stopped by Neal's Yard Remedies at Victoria station on my way home and found this in their essential oils collection. It has really, really helped. A few drops on my pillow is all I need. I love vetiver as a perfume ingredient for its smoky, woody headiness - as an essential oil this is beautifully magnified. It smells like forests and wood smoke and sleeping under the stars. I love it. After a few days I started to associate the scent with the sensation of feeling relaxed too. I find aromatherapy a useful tool: I use it for sleep, for study, for relaxation, and to help reduce anxiety. However, if you're having problems sleeping, see a doctor as there may be an underlying issue (anxiety and depression are common sleep-stealers, and very common illnesses). 

£9.20 for 10ml; from Neal's Yard Remedies


I love the board!

and the bunny pieces!

some of the beautifully illustrated cards in a hand

placing bets!

 My family and I were introduced to this board game over Christmas when our German friends gifted it to us. I've since found there's an English version. Dixit is essentially a game of trickery. Each player receives six picture cards, and whoever's turn it is gives a phrase, a word or an action to describe one of their cards. (I once used interpretative dance to great effect.) The other players choose a card of theirs that best matches the description. The chosen cards are then laid out and the aim of the game is to figure out whose card belongs to the player who chose the descriptive word/ phrase/action. Whoever guesses the right card wins points, but points are won by players whose cards were chose but aren't the right answer for successfully tricking the others! 

£19.94 from Amazon UK

M&S all butter Belgian chocolate chunk cookies

I don't usually go in for cookies (or sweet foods at all) but I found these in a cupboard at my parents' and I CAN'T STOP EATING THEM! They're amazing. They're really rich and buttery and have huge chunks of dark and milk chocolate in. I have to ration myself to one a day or I'll eat them all and become a hyperactive sugar monster.  

£3.00; from M&S stores

Happy Friday!

Thanks for reading! x