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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Weekly Update

Long time, no post! After a really productive week-and-a-half where I blogged every day, things went a bit pear-shaped with the arrival of my 26th birthday. I'll be qualifying for a senior discount before I know it.  

Blog-wise, I'm in the midst of writing new content. There'll definitely be some lovely summery makeup coming along, and of course I'll keep you posted. 

This week I've been:

Volunteering at my local Oxfam branch. I started this week and I'm really enjoying it.

Embracing my inner granny and doing some crochet. 

Enjoying my birthday gifts. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law I have the Real Techniques core brush collection and Beauty Blender. Hello, gorgeous base...

Making enough houmous to feed an army thanks to my new Magimix blender. Plus cupcakes and a strawberry sorbet! Nom nom nom...

Watching Wallander on Netflix. Season 2 isn't as good as season 1 (without Johanna Sällström it was never going to be) but it's still enjoyable. I now know more Swedish swear words than non-swear words.

Swimming in the newly redecorated Balham Leisure Centre pool. 

Visiting my parents at Hampton Court. (I'm not descended from royalty.) They popped up the Thames on their little narrowboat and Tom and I met them for dinner. We went for an after-dinner drink in The Mute Swan, a lovely pub a stone's throw from the river. I wish I'd taken some photos! 

Rescuing bees. One crash landed on the roof of the boat. I fed it some sugar, which it loved, and it flew away home a little later. #TheBeeWhisperer.