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Friday, 30 January 2015

Friday Favourites

L-R: True Grace 'Library'; Diptyque 'Hiver'; Bomb Cosmetics 'Love in Vegas'

This week's Friday Favourites is candle themed! 

I love how evocative, ceremonial and beautiful candles can be. Scented candles in particular are like having a drop of beautifully scented fire in your home. They become even more beautiful in winter; it's then that I really appreciate how comforting and soothing they can be. For me, lighting candles marks time to rest and relax. 

These are three of my favourites:

True Grace 'Library'

This brand is a recent discovery for me. I love this candle so much. It has a warm, smoky, slightly leathery scent, evocative of sitting in a big comfy chair by the fire reading a beautiful old book. The base notes are moss and fir trees, with a leather-y, smoky heart, and fresh, woody, smoky top notes, reminiscent of a bonfire. True Grace sell an extensive selection of candles, diffusers and room sprays. I also love their 'Bonfire' scent, which is smokier and less mossy than 'Library'. The True Grace website has a function where you can browse scents by season. I'm most taken by the winter scents, which explains why I'm so taken by my next choice, Diptyque's 'Hiver'.

Stockists: The Conran Shop, John Lewis, and online.  

Diptyque 'Hiver'

Diptyque candles are incredibly beautiful both in their scents and their packaging. Hiver is part of from last year's limited edition Holiday Collection range, along with Epice (winter spice) and Resine (pine needles and resin). Hiver's gorgeous turquoise and gold jar caught my eye before the scent caught my nose - fortuitously, it's my favourite scent of the winter collection too. It has a warm, chestnut-y, red berry base, a heady heart full of oriental flowers, and cool, smoky top notes. It's reminiscent of arriving home to a roaring fire after a winter walk.

Stockists: Space NK, Liberty, John Lewis, and online.

Bomb Cosmetics 'Love in Vegas'

Bomb Cosmetics' candles in a tin make lovely gifts. 'Love in Vegas' is a rich and heady blend of florals. It has a base of  musk and woods, a heart of ylang ylang and jasmine, and top notes of lily, violet and rose. The packaging doesn't appeal to me as much as the Diptyque packaging, but under the cutesy exterior is a really good, beautifully scented candle. 

Stockists: John Lewis, and online.

Happy Friday!

Thanks for reading!