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Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Favourites

H&M jersey trousers

Finally, some comfortable trousers!

Apart from pyjamas, joggers and tattered painting jeans, I haven't worn trousers for at least 5 years. Every pair I've tried is either too long on my short legs, bunching up unattractively round the ankles and making me look even shorter; too low on the hips, giving me the choice of a builders bum-muffin top combo or a wedgie; or, just when I thought I'd found the perfect pair, ended up sagging at the knees and bum within a week. Or sometimes all three! Safe to say it takes a lot to make me fall in love with a pair of trousers. I've longed to be one of those women who look effortlessly chic in tailored trousers or skinny jeans, but it seems they're just not made for my curvy shape. 

Which is why I was so surprised to find a pair I actually look and feel good in. These lovelies from H&M tick all the right boxes: the soft, light, slightly stretchy material is insanely comfortable and will be perfect for summer; they're gathered at the ankle so they don't drag on the floor (a win for short legs!) and the drawstring waist sits comfortably on my waist and stays there. They're available in a wide range of prints and colours. Best of all, they're only £8. I love them so much I've ordered another pair! 

The sizing is very big - as a size 16 I'd expect to need an extra large, but a medium in these trousers fits perfectly. On checking the size chart, size medium actually corresponds to a size 14-16. I'm not sure how fast they're selling out in the shops, but they're going very fast online, so grab a pair while they're available.

£7.99 from H&M

Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery

The best book ever (probably)

I've been cooking and eating a ton of curry this week. I've been trying to eat more healthily in general, and I find that rice and daal for lunch or dinner is an easy meal that gives me a good amount of protein and fibre while helping to reduce the amount of refined, sugary carbohydrates I eat. I always turn to Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery for any Indian recipe. To me she is the Delia Smith of Indian cookery - I trust her every word. 

Her Tarka Daal recipe is my favourite - I always make double because it refrigerates really well and tastes amazing. I also love the sesame potatoes and the Gujerati green beans - two favourites of mine that my mum sometimes makes as side dishes, along with a big pot of rogan josh, if she's having a big group of friends or family over. 

I used to think cooking Indian food was difficult and laborious, much preferring to order from the local takeaway. But making one or two of these dishes once or twice a week is no more work than making a stirfry, in that a certain amount of preparation is required beforehand to chop the ingredients and measure out the spices. 

The comprehensive guide to spices inside

I find simple, wholesome meals like rice and daal really help my body to heal itself, thanks to spices that aren't found outside of Indian cooking like turmeric, which can help reduce inflammation, and ginger, which can help to reduce nausea. This must be why I always crave curry during that special time every month when the Red Army invades. Does anyone else?

£19.99 from Amazon UK

Bonbi Forest jewellery

The 'From Small Seeds' locket

Bonbi Forest's whimsical, nature-inspired designs are right up my street. British artist Lee May Foster-Wilson conceives, designs and makes the range of jewellery, textiles, cards and original artwork inspired by deepest Cornwall. 

My beautiful 'From Small Seeds' locket is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery. It measures 3 cm across and is made from a silver plated locket and chain with a hand applied design, and finished with a brass acorn and star. I've had mine for around two years and it hasn't tarnished or faded in any way. I find it's the perfect size - large enough to be worn as a statement piece but small enough that it never feels bulky or clashes with my outfit.

Inside the locket

The acorn and tree motifs encapsulate the idea of 'from small seeds': that something magnificent can grow from the smallest of beginnings. This idea inspires me to keep going, to keep working, and to keep nurturing myself.

£20 from Bonbi Forest

Happy Friday!

Thanks for reading x