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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Travel Part 3: clothes

Clothes packing is my least favourite, which is why I've left it til last. 

I try to pack comfortable, versatile separates that can be easily layered - skirts, cotton tops, jersey jumpers and leggings.

(As a rule I take a spare top or two and spare pants - they're useful for when I want a shower in the middle of the day and want clean clothes after.)

Writing this in November, anticipating the winter chill, would have made more sense - but this is basically what I took to York with me last weekend, and it was so, so cold there! I'd never appreciated my fleece-lined boots more. I am definitely a Southern Softie and was glad to get back to the warmth of London on Sunday.

One for each day, one for sleeping in, and a spare. 
Long-sleeved tops are useful in winter for a bit of extra warmth. Uniqlo's Heattech thermal range are soft and lightweight and come in a range of styles and colours.

Warmer than tights and need washed less often. I find these Topshop ones last the longest. I get mine two sizes smaller because they tend to stretch out over time.

Jogging bottoms
Really comfortable for travelling in and can double up as pyjama trousers. Can be slipped on over leggings if it gets super cold. All mine come from H&M. 

Pull-on skirt
To layer over leggings. A midi-length skirt is long enough to keep legs warmer without being so long that it drags on the floor.

Thin-ish jumper
H&M is really good for basic jersey jumpers like these

Warm jumper
For if it gets really cold; it can also be layered over the thinner jumper. Topshop does really good chunky jumpers, like this.


Thick socks. I find plain socks more comfortable than the patterned, embroidered sort.when doing lots of walking.

Winter boots
My fleece-lined Doc Martens keep my feet warm and dry.

I can't stand umbrellas, so a hood is a must for me.

A soft, blanket-y one.

I love the part-mitten, part-finger gloves from Accessorize. 

Thanks for reading!